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    Can't push Agent 4, no error messages

      I'm using ePO 4, agent 4 and VSE 8.7.

      Until Monday everything was working fine, in fact I deployed Agent via the console successfully on Monday morning. Since Monday afternoon, however, all attempts to deploy via the console fail.

      Normally when this happened before (e.g. as a result of a mistyped password or misconfigured target machine) the log shows something like this:

      6/22/09 2:34:20 PM Started: Deploying agents to 1 systems
      6/22/09 2:34:21 PM Failed: Push agent to lftjleigh
      6/22/09 2:34:23 PM Deploy Agents (Deploy Agents)

      with the machine name as a hyperlink to further information; in this case:

      Failed to authenticate with remote system, system error: The network path was not found.

      Since Monday afternoon, however, all attempts fail instantly with the following message (ePO doesn't even seem to try):

      6/24/09 11:58:26 AM Started: Deploying agents to 1 systems
      6/24/09 11:58:26 AM Deploy Agents (Deploy Agents)

      and with "Failed" in the status field.

      As you can see, no hyperlinked machine name and no additional data.

      The server upon which ePO resides has been restarted and all other SQL -based apps are working fine on that server.

      As a test I tried manually installing using framepkg.exe from DB/Software/etc... and that works okay and the client is then manageable in the usual way.

      Anyone got any leads on what might be going on?