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    Safeboot Error 0xe00030002

      We're getting error 0xe00030002, Unable to mount the Safeboot filesystem after a computer is getting back up after hibernate/sleep, any idea why or a solution for it?

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          Patch to latest version for starters... that has been an issue off and on with SafeBoot. We just turn-off hibernate. Sleep seems fine, but Hibernate is a different animal. The system shuts down with a saved state from that moment. When SafeBoot (pre-boot) starts up, it then loads Windows, which points to events from prior to booting.

          Kind of like when you travel back in time and see yourself, its some freaky stuff. Smash your flux capacitor to prevent further ripping of the space/time continuum.
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            I also have this issue, and I can't boot the system now .

            how could I patch to latest version for starters if i can not boot the system?
            and where can i get the patch?

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              Call McAfee support, they will help you to get your machine working again, or, if you're an end user - call YOUR helpdesk and they will do the same.