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    Why ePO is important ?

      We are in the process of deploying McAfee endpoint encryption, we do have ePO as well. I am just wondering at this point in time that why do we need to deploye ePO just to see some reports and deployement of end point encryption client. We can achieve the same results with the reports from endpoint encryption software itself and can deploy the client encryption software with our current software distribution slution we have. We do not have any other McAfee products that we will be monitoring thru ePO.

      Any thoughts on this?
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          Great Bashir,

          I think you´ve got a point.


          Diego Lorenzo
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            We did an evaluation of the SafeBoot Endpoint Encryption, as well as PGP WDE and Utimaco SafeGuard.

            Network Associates used to own PGP, then PGP spun off to its own company again, now McAfee bought SafeBoot - from what I understand the plan is that the next major release would eliminate the Endpoint Encryption Management Console and all functionality would be handled through ePO.

            We ended up going with PGP - still have not deployed - Linux based management servers - did not have to worry about Microsoft vulnerabilities impacting our encryption system.