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    Repository Replication Failure

      Hi All.

      I am getting an intermittent error with some of my super agent repositories where the replication fails with an error 10061. I have 24 distributed super agent repositories all setup the same and from time to time some will stop replicating. When this happens you cannot wake the agent up (it basically does not respond), you cannot view the software packages in the distributed repository in the ePO (you get a failed to start inet session error), on the local machine you cannot view the agent log by going to http://<servername>:port number.

      I have logged with McAfee several times and each time they tell me it is because the port I have chosen for agent communication (I have now set to 9083) is in use. I have changed this several times from 54843 to 54844 to 54842 and a few temp port numbers for testing and I keep getting the same problem. The repositories will work for a while and then over night when the replication takes place it fails.

      One way I have been getting around it is to turn off the super agent function for that machine, re-install the agent, re apply the super agent option and then try the replication and it works (so how can it be the port number McAfee?????). A few days later it will fail.

      Does anyone have any ideas on this irritating problem?

      I’m running ePO 4.0 with Patch 4 on a virtual Windows 2003 R2 server with SP2. Agent is version The distributed repositories will be a mixture of OS including 200 and 2003.