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    McAfee Deleted All Chrome Browser Shortcut Icons


      Immediately after installing McAfee Total Protection, the next time I opened my Chrome Browser I noticed that all my shortcut icons on my bookmarks bar were gone and replaced with an empty placeholder icon.  As I work with these shortcuts every day, all day, this is unacceptable and will cause me to uninstall and seek a refund if it can't be restore to original state.  Anyone know a fix for this? (The attached file shows the bookmarks bar as rendered by McAfee)  Anyone?

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          Look in Chrome --> Settings under "Appearance"


          Is "Always show the bookmarks bar" checked?

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            Thanks.  Actually, it isn't the bookmarks bar that isn't displaying - it's the 30+ FAVICONS I had placed on the Bookmarks Bar, having edited each to delete the associated text and only display the icon for quick visual navigation in my workflow.


            After much research, trial and error, none of the solutions found online worked (deleting cache in appdata/chrome, etc., running CC cleaner, closing, re-opening Chrome, et al).  The only thing that did work (in most cases) was to click on each blank favicon and load the site.  In 90% of the cases, all favicons reloaded.  Favicons associated with Google, interestingly, were the exception (even though on a Chrome browser!!).  For those exceptions, I simply clicked on the blank favicon, then clicked and dragged the website to the bookmarks bar again, chose edit to remove the text, and VOILA!, via a fresh install got my favicon back.  Then, I deleted the old one that was blank. 


            Still not sure why an install of McAfee caused all this but since I've already got a job, I'll leave it to them to figure out.