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    HIPS Firewall

      Is it possible to get locked out of the HIPS Firewall on a remote computer. On Tuesday, I deployed HIPS 7.0 to a remote computer on the domain. Yesterday, the user called me up to tell me that he couldn't do anything. I walked him through to bring up McAfeeFire.exe then to log in and turn off the Firewall. He did this just fine. But after an hour or so the Firewall turned itself back on and he couldn't log back into mcafeefire.exe to turn it back off. Oh one more thing. I thought I would just turn off the policy on the one machine which usually does the trick. But for some reason now I can't do a wake up Call on his machine. He can ping inside, but not outside. So now we have a work stoppage of great proportion since he a pretty high administrator/manager. Any ideas to save my life?
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          Seems like the Firewall is no longer letting the ePO server talk to that remote computer. Is your policy setup to allow the uninstall of HIPS at the remote computer? If so, try uninstalling it fromt he remote computer through add/remove programs and push it back out with a policy that doesn't block the ePO server. I'm new at this so I could be way off. :o
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            Wizzo, now why didn't I think of that! It's so simple. Thank you so much! That works perfect.