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    Product renewal - why are you trying soooooooooo hard?


      My "Live Safe" subscription expires in 56 days - I was intending to renew it but I am now so p1$$ed 0ff with a constand bombardment asking me to renew NOW that I now realise that McAfee must have so little faith in their product they have to behave in such a pathetic manner (which reminds me of the very worst used timeshare salesman I have had the misfortune to encounter). To add uttter insult I today got a "special offer" discount on 2 years renewal which has only just over a day to run before it expires! Oh wow, dearest me, thrash me with a wet leek.

      This annoying and insulting behaviour alone has driven me to look at reviews and research alternatives - so well done, you have shot yourself in the foot.

      Now how do I stop your daily reminder that your company is run by morons & imbeciles?