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    Question about ePO 4.0 Database Authentication

      Hello all,

      I work in a complex research organization with different divisions, and am a sys admin in a newly formed division. So we've recently created our own OU, moved our accounts there, and set up various servers to provide certain services for the users and computers in our division. One thing I've been tasked with is setting up ePO 4.0 for the first time, and migrating our clients from the old ePO server to ours. While I have a lot of experience in some areas, both ePO and SQL are new to me..
      I have set up a VMware Win2k3 R2 server and started to isntall ePO. Here is where I am stuck:

      13 In the Set Database Information dialog box, identify the type of account and
      authentication details that the ePolicy Orchestrator server will use to acces the database.
      a Use the drop-down list to select the desired server. If SQL Express was installed, the
      name of the database is: <computername>\ EPOSERVER.
      b Select the type of authentication (McAfee recommends using Windows authentication):
      • Windows authentication: Specify the NetBIOS name of the Domain associated with
      the desired domain administrator user account. Then, provide and verify a password.
      • SQL authentication: Provide the User name that the ePolicy Orchestrator software
      will use to access the database.

      No one in our division is a domain administrator. We have full control over our own OU but that's it. So is it possible to use a local admin account for Windows authentication, or does it have to be an AD account? When I enter the local admin account credentials it seems that the isntaller will proceed, but I can't find info as to whether this will actually work, and am especially skeptical after reading that ePO 4.5 will integrate more with AD.

      If we were to use SQL authentication, how would I configure such an account with the included SQL 2005 Express installation?

      Sorry if my questions seem vague but like I said, this is new to me... and I've been searching but have not found answers yet. And thanks in advance for the help!