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    Artemis queires and ePO

      Hi all.

      I've been reading about artemis detection in VSE 8.7 and I havent found any information mentioning the artemis and ePO integration.
      My question is if its possible to forward artemis queris thru ePO server, and can this be done.

      But what would be really nice is to brainstorm the implementation of artemis in large companies, say 20.000/30.000 nodes.

      I don't like the idea of direct internet access to a critical service as malware detection...

      Best Regards,
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          Hi RD - I dont know if this is a handy reply or if it is of any use, but just looking at our EPO server that has the 8.7 extensions loaded, I can see that there are inbuilt quieries to report on levels of Artemis Scanning for Email scanning, On Access and On Demand scanning. So there is at the very least reporting on Artemis. I'd be very surprised if there are no configurable policies for Artemis in EPO.