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    Uninstaller for McAfee ES 10.1/Agent 5.0.3


      We've inherited a client who at one point was using McAfee Endpoint Security but has now swapped security products. We no longer have the service nor access to the control panel but I've found computers where the client still resides and suspect it's conflicting with their new corporate AV causing some issues. I'd like to remove it but it looks like in many ways it's been removed, but still has an entry in the control panel and I fear registry entries that may be wreaking havoc. There seems to be no standalone removal tool, and none of the guides I've found online for earlier versions have worked as the filepaths are never there and often registry settings are not either. Any ideas how to remove this?

      Machines are Windows 10 but may have been upgraded from 7.


      McAfee Agent

      McAfee Data Exchange Layer

      McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention 10.1.1

      McAfee Endpoint Security Web Control 10.1.1