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    Happy hour


      Good Morning.


      I need to implement a rule that allows access to restricted pages for all users for one hour. For example from 13:00 - 14:00 only in that period.

      Thank you to those who can help me.

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          To accomplish this you would need to create a new User-Defined Property and set the current time as value. In the following example I have created a new Rule Set in which I first set the time zone to UTC + 2 and then write the current time in my user-defined property "User-Defined.CurrentTime". Please note, that we need to set the time zone in order to calculate the current time.




          Now you can use the User-Defined Property in your Criteria and build a rule like this:





          You may want to create a new rule set and use this criteria for the rule set instead of just a new rule. But this is up to you



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            Thank you very much for the help.