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    VSCANDAT1000 folder in Repository getting massive!

      Hi every one

      currently we have to EPO servers in my environment. One which is 3.6.1 which was uplifted to EPO 4.0 , and one which is a brand new build EPO 4.0 server, which we are in the process of migrating people to.

      Each have their own repositories, 10 each in total, and we have an issue with the repositories with the older server that was upgraded

      For some reason, the EPO repositories managed by the older server has the VSCANDAT1000 which are really really big, over 1gb, holding DAT files of versions past. Since we deleted and recreated them last week, it has Dats for every release since we replicated to it.

      Its very annoying. Why does this folder get so big? is this normal?

      The new server i built does not exhibit this behaviour, it is just holding the dat and avdat of the current version as i expected it should