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    Combined package


      I've been searching but could'nt find a way, is there any way to make a single package which contains Mcafee Agent + Virusscan + Antispyware,? I've seen previously a single package, I think it was MSI, for version 8.5 with one of the companies.

      I've been trying to use installation designer to to include the agent in the programs part but it doesnt seem to work, as its not a post installation, it is trying to install the agent during the virusscan installation, and then gives an error saying there is currently an installation running, please finish it first.

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          I've made a package with the MID 8.7 for VSE 8.7i with patch 1 and the management agent 4 with patch1. This works fine and i selected that the MID should make an EPO V4 package.

          Only down side is now that i can't import it because it wasn't digitally signed? :confused: :mad:

          I hope this stills helps you with your problem.

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            McAfee Installation Designer is designed exactly for this task... While I havn't done the combo of VSE 8.7i / Agent 4 / ASE Plugin 8.7, I have done VSE 8.5i/ Agent 3.6x / ASE Plugin 8.5 etc.
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              Thanks Jack!

              well, how did you manage to add the agent in the package through MID? I tried adding into "programs", but it gives an error saying that there is another installation in progress please complete it first.

              Second regarding importing, you can just removed the signed confirmation tick and you will be able to, I have done a modified package earlier and imported sucessfully.

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                Hi Almosawi,

                I updated the management agent in the "AutoUpdate Configuration" option. Here I add through the browse function the updated framepkg file.

                If this doesn't work let me know and leave your email adress so i can send you the screenshot.

                Thanks for the tip on my issue. It worked like a charme.

                Greetz and good luck.

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                  Thanks jack,

                  but again, I dont know whats wrong, I'm getting in the middle of the setup an error saying cannot start framework service, as I dont have privileges, but I'm admin on the PC, I tried on two machines and it gave same error, when I hit ignore it will continue and keep only virusscan without Agent!
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                    Hi Almosawi,

                    Have you repackaged you installation? If not please do so and when you reache the "AutoUpdate Configuration" option add through the browse function the updated framepkg file.

                    Here's a screenshot

                    Hope this helps.