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    More Rogue System Detection troubles (RSD)

      Well, I took my home computer, and tried installing an RSD on that.

      Surprisingly, it works partially. On this computer the RSD actually does install, the folder gets placed with the necessairy files, and the service starts running.

      Sadly however, the sensor is unable to find the EPO server even though I can ping the server just fine.

      This is the error code I got:

      06-12-09 19:37:25,027 [3904] INFO RSDSensor <> - Received notification of a network address change. Checking running sensors.
      06-12-09 19:37:25,027 [3904] ERROR RSDSensor <> - Failed to read configuration data (and no default available) for - ServerName.

      No virtual sensors will be created, and the sensor will go to sleep

      until a configuration change is detected.

      Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? I checked the server adress in the RSD policy, and it's correctly configured.