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    Unable to allow connection in Net Guard


      Livesafe Net Guard has started blocking a site I regularly visit. I'm trying to edit the ip address in Net Guard to allow the connection, but the editing options described in the online Help page don't seem to be there.


      Help page link:

      https://smarthelp.mcafee.com/help/mcafee/15.4/ui/total%20protection/en-us/GUID-4 E422A4C-F794-456E-9A5E-DCA73B2EBB91.html


      I can get as far as step 3, selecting the ip address and clicking Edit. But when I click Edit I just get an otherwise empty box with a line of text, "Net Guard helps you avoid risky connections", and Apply and Cancel buttons at the bottom. I can't see the "Allow this connection" or "Block this connection" options, or anything else. "Edit" isn't letting me do anything.


      Is there any way to allow the connection other than turning off Net Guard entirely? I've queried the site's blocking, but until it's resolved I'd like to be able to go on visiting it.

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