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    I have problem to stop and frminst /forceuninstall McAfee FrameworkService

      Hi to all

      I would like to deinstall the "Protection Pilot" from the Server 2003 R2/SP2.
      The Problem I think it deinstall only 50% of the whole product.
      In sevices.msc I found the McAfeeFrameworkService, I can't stop, deactivate and change anything. I receive a error:
      Error 5: Access denied

      In "Software" I found nothing about "McAfee" to deinstall.
      The McAfee Removaltool MCPR.exe from the Homepage didn't work.
      I receive a error:


      Please exit the session.
      McAfee Enterprise software detected.
      Cannot continue. Please contact McAfee Technical Support.

      How I can deinstall completely the Protection Pilot.
      McAfee Helpdesk can't gave me any support because the licence expired 2 day's ago.
      I'm here and try for 2 day's to solve the problem without success, this makes me allot of stress.
      I'm appreciate any help, maybe could gave me someone here a idee how I can fix it!
      Thank you very much in advance!