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    McAfee affected by PC crash.  Is it working now?


      Hi there,


      I had my PC crash yesterday most likely due to operating system issues.  I’ve got it back to working okay for the time being but it looks like the crash had an effect on my McAfee internet security.  After the crash McAfee wasn’t appearing on the task bar and Windows Action Centre said that it had been turned off.  When I tried to turn it on through the action centre it wasn’t responding, although I was able to turn Windows defender through the same way.  I also couldn’t open the programme through the start menu, there was just no response  . I tried uninstalling McAfee but that was producing no response either accept a white box with blue text which said “Navigation to the webpage was cancelled”. 


      I then went to my McAfee account online and deactivated McAfee and then reinstalled it from the website just to see what would happen (keep in mind I hadn’t actually uninstalled it).  It appears to have worked and the icon is now showing in my taskbar and I can open the programme itself and it appears to be running normally.


      What can I do to confirm that it definitely is installed/running properly and isn’t causing any problems on the system?


      Thanks for any assistance.