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    Recurring Artemis Infections


      About a month ago, 4-29-17, I ran a scan and McAfee came up with a PUP, I think, carrying the Artemis label. The infection was quarantined and I thought nothing of it at the time. About a week later, I ran another scan, and, to my surprise, Artemis was back. Again, the infection was quarantined. Another week goes by, another scan, another Artemis infection. This time, I made a point to note that the infection was called Artemis!828E9566D57A. I quarantined again, but shortly thereafter, while loading a web page, I noticed, it went to another URL and loaded a tiny page at the top-center of the browser window, indicating that the computer is infected. It clearly did not come from McAfee, but I did not note the URL.


      I immediately ran another full scan and up popped another Artemis infection. This time it was 7024EC199C8A. It is pretty clear that McAfee is missing something here. What do I do now?

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