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    Getting old Encryption software or configuring preboot drivers


      I was recently given the task of encrypting some Lenovo M53 computers that my company acquired. Unfortunately, they don't recognize any USB mouse/keyboard on the encryption login screen.

      I've tried 3 versions of the encryption software:,, and the behavior is identical on all three versions.

      Looking through Mcafee documentation I can see similar errors reported on some versions of the software, but McAfee's release notes indicate they fixed the issues on new versions. We've tried messing about with the (limited) bios options to no success. So at this time I have two thoughts. Is it possible to install/reconfigure any drivers that are loaded into the preboot file system, or is it possible to get a much older version of the encryption software (like version 6.something or even 5.something) from anywhere and give that a try?