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    False Artemis!A192C3EC17DE




      This is regarding the false positive detection of the file "MKW.exe" from our company's video game software Medieval Kingdom Wars


      We are a well established video game developer, and Medieval Kingdom Wars is out latest product, to be launched on PC Steam this June: Medieval Kingdom Wars on Steam


      Medieval Kingdom Wars is a fully legitimate video game software. EULA, Privacy Agreement, its 100% clean and not involved in any kind of malicious activities. Software is NOT digitally signed as of today though (application in process)


      If you need to see the file that`s being false flagged, you can download protected ZIP here: Removed Link until McAfee deems it safe password "false" (without the "")


      Here`s our Virus Total scan, to show that McAffee is the only software detecting Artemis:

      Antivirus scan for 0d518e0266aed9434f720e1bf38e06d4a3b617601443ee515c03c4ba59804915 at2017-05-30 17:14:45 UTC - VirusTot…


      Earlier Today we have submitted full report via Detection Dispute Submission Form


      This is a major problem for us - as McAfee only started to false identify it as Artemis last week, and we already have our release date scheduled in early June. We really hope it`s possible to resolve this in a timely fashion, and greatly appreciate your help.


      Kind Regards,

      Reverie World Studios, INC