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    Is the Anti-Spyware Module worth deploying

      We have access to the Anti-Spyware module as part of our grant number.

      Basically, I have a few questions about the module.

      1. How effective is this module at detecting Spyware?
      2. Will it have any impact on the systems performance?
      3. Will this module cause any problems with VirusScan patches or upgrades?
      4. Has anyone seen it interfere with legitimate programs in their environments?
      5. Has anyone actually deployed it to ALL their systems?
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          Detection rates are noticeably improved.

          I seem to remember a review with a chart detection rates for lots of vendors and one with VSE8.5 and then one with the VSE 8.5 w/Antispyware , and it was alot better. Cannot remember where it was, but i rememebr thinking that Mcafee 8.5 as it was, did not score very well compared to the competition when standalone


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            I'm wondering on this, is it all downloads available by our grant number are deloyable without additional license:confused:

            i wish to try the antispyware too as well as the unwanted programs policy. Sporadically i still find trojan in some client PCs scanning using some free antispyware where i have bare VSE 8.5i patch 7 installed in the client PCs.

            Really hope that VSE can perform better with Antispyware module.:rolleyes:
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              We run some 400 users in our EPO environment, and we perform scheduled PC scans every Saturday morning. Each weekend scan brings up over 10,000 detections of Spyware each week for all those PCs. That is all from the Anti Spyware module alone.

              No brainer IMO, especially if it's free for you to use.
              • 4. AntiSpyware Module 8.5i & 8.7i
                No problems.
                80 clients.
                catchs a lot of mallware
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                  Thanks for all your responses. I have started pushing out the module to a small test group.
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                    The group I manage is quite small, only 1500 PCs, but anyway, I have it deployed to all systems.
                    It has never caused me any issues, in relation to anything actually.

                    I've called McAfee lots of times with queries about this or that for ePO or Virus Scan etc, but the Antispyware just installs and works and that's about that. I've never had even a minor queries/issue with it, at all.

                    We run a huge range of applications and hardware types in our environment and the Antispyware module has never caused even a minor issue with any application.

                    It does help to catch extra stuff too.

                    As far as managment goes it adds no extra work, basically once it's deployed, that's that, theres no additional work involved in managing it etc.
                    I don't run it on servers, only workstations, but it doesn't cause any additional work at all. No problems form patches etc.

                    I guess my opinion is that I highly recomend it as all I can see is that it cathes some extra stuff, and I have never seen any negative point from it.
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                      Just to add to anyone who is thinking about installing ASE, make sure that your update jobs have PUP DATs included - these are the latest definitions that the Anti Spyware uses.
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                        We are using Epo 3.6.1. You mentioned that we need to make sure that we download the latest pups.dat in the update task. I looked at the update task and can't find a item called pup listed. We have our update task pull down just DAT and Engine. Isn't the PUP info stored inside the DAT file which we already download?
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                          I rolled out the A/S module in two stages. First, I checked all the items in the Unwanted Programs policy and let that ride for a few weeks. When no problems were reported, I installed the A/S module (which, if I recall, basically adds Cookie and Registry scanning to the mix). It is now installed on all workstations and on some servers. I stopped the rollout on the servers since I am planning on going to 8.7i soon and will have to upgrade the A/S module at that time anyway.

                          We had one problem with a vnc viewer being deleted so I had to make an exclusion for what is reported as RemAdm-vncview.
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