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    Windows Server 2003 with ePo agent 4.0

      Anyone else running into the same issue I am having...

      I am starting to test the ePo agent 4.0 on Windows Server 2003 (these servers never had any kind of ePo agent on them before.) I am running into an odd issue, if I push the McAfee Agent to the desktop wait a few minutes and then do a "Wake Up Agent" I am not able to see the Agent Logs like I normally do. If I reboot the server/desktop now I am able to view the Agent Log in the (ePolicy Orchestra 4.0), but the "Red M" is not showing up in the bottom corner on the server.

      I also find that the service "mcTray.exe" is not running at the time. If I go into a command prompt and do a "cmdagent /s" now the mcTray.exe service is running and the Red M pops up in the bottom right corner. If I reboot the server I am back at square one and the mcTray.exe service is not running and I have to manually enter cmdagent /s to get the service to run with the Red M in the bottom right corner. This only happens in server 2003, the ePo agent 4.0 works just fine on XP.

      I have tested this on multiple servers and virtual servers freshly built and ran into the same situation for Server 2003. I have tried everything under the sun to get it to work, I have manually installed it, manually removed it, cleared out the registry, went to McAfee website download the ePo agent 4.0 and manually reinstall it and run into the same issue.