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    Watchlist: management and importing files


      Hi to everyone.


      In our activity, my boss and I are configuring and testing the McAfee SIEM, version is 9.6.0. In These days, we are focusing on the watchlists.
      We have 2 doubts about these:


      1. If we open the "System properties" and go to the last option, "Watchlist", we can see some pre-configurated list; but, clicking on them, the button "Edit" is not clickable; this can be made only on the lists done by ourself. Why?

      2. We want to create a list for Firewalls rules, expecially on drop ports, but also we would like import a .CSV file to avoid placing all the door values manually. If i click, in Watchlist section, in the "import" section, can i perform this? And if it's not the right way, there is one to make this? I mean, is there a way to create a watchlist importing a .CSV file?