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    Safeboot evaluation

      Just trying to set up an evaluation of the Safeboot Endpoint and Content encryption to see how it might work with our automated workstation build process.

      Two things initially:
      We have only got "SafeBoot Enterprise Suite CD B5200 (513-0030)", which we were given via ftp login and download and it sounds like we need Build 5300 (v5.3) to integrate into our ePO v4 environment

      Secondly, I have completed the install but we appear to be missing two 'Navigation Tabs' from within the Safeboot Management Centre... We don't have either 'Devices' or 'Policies'!?! I'm thinking these are probably the most important elements for our eval!!
      Can anyone suggest where to look for setup log/settings?

      Many thanks
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          sounds like you didnt install all of the options needed. The devices tab doesnt show up unless you select client filesets from the install
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            hi, David
            I am newbie too... but I will try to help out as much as I can..

            1. to download latest version of SafeBoot, you might want to contact your McAfee Account Rep... I believe the old link was from the SafeBoot (before the acquisition).

            2. For the "Policy tab", I believe it's the installation option of "SafeBoot Port Control".. If you setup by the default options, both tab should be avaliable...
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              Devices Tab is part of Device Encryption (and Windows Mobile/Palm)
              Policies Tab is part of Content Encryption and Port Control
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                also you might want to check/use the right KEY when you install the software... I was unable to use CE related functions. After talking to our tech support guy, it turns out, you need a different key to "enable" CE function in the installer.