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    EPO Not Recieving Updates From Agent


      Having a bit of a strange problem here.

      The agent is communicating with the EPO server fine, sending back information every 60 minutes (as i have set it to) and it does say on the EPO console when it has last updated... so this works fine and no ports are being blocked to prevent information being sent.

      The problem is, it doesn't show the client as having McAfee VSE 8.7i as installed, even though it is.

      It;s as if the agent doesn't want to recognise that VSE is installed at all.

      I have tried upgrading the Agent from Patch 1 to Patch 2, this made no difference.

      Obviously this is a problem, as although the clients are protected... they are showing as non-compliant on our EPO console and we are unable to get live updates from the systems remotely via the agent... rendering EPO pretty pointless.

      I would log a call with McAfee Support but they have been pretty useless the past couple of months.

      (Yesterday i logged a call regarding a fault with installing Patch 1 for VSE 8.7i and was told they could not provide support until Patch 1 was installed... wtf?)

      Thanks in advance.
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          sounds like you have checked in the software for 8.7, but not the extension, so ePO doesnt know how to report on the product.
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            Extension is installed and the majority of agents are sending the correct information back to EPO...

            Its about 10% of our environment that isn't reporting back properly.
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              Someone must have had this problem before...
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                I had it, long before 8.7... basically after a lot of time of debugging we came to the conclusion that the problem is in the ePO agent. At that time, removing everything (MA + VSE) and installing all back, was the solution.

                One thing that I did was to import the registry key of the agent (from a machine reporting OK).
                But this were a few versions ago, so the workaround might be different.

                Try to reinstall everything and see if it works.

                Hope it helps,
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                  Hi There,

                  Yes I have had this problem. When you deployed VS 8.7 did you deploy so that it would overwrite VS 8.5 or did you remove 8.5 first then deploy the 8.7 version?

                  I had a lot of clients that 8.7 installed no problem and others it seemed to corrupt the installation. I set up a small group of around 30-40 systems and created a deployment task so that I could deploy new version to test (by the way I have now decided to not deploy 8.7 until it becomes a little bit more of an established product as Patch 1 was removed and this doesn't fill me with confidence. I won't look at it again until at least patch 2). After finding I had some issues I decided to uninstall 8.7 and re-install 8.5 thinking that my problems would go away, but this caused even more issues. It appears that you need to reboot the machine after you uninstall 8.7 before re-installing 8.5 and as I didn't do this it left a remnant registry key from 8.7 and stopped 8.5 from working. I had to manually remove this key and reboot the system to get 8.5 to work again. Not a very clean exercise.

                  In my opinion I would leave 8.7 until further developments by McAfee and make sure all your clients are fully patched to patch 8 for 8.5 and make sure you are up to agent 4 Patch 2 before thinking about deploying it.
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                    We set it to overwrite 8.0 - but ironically, these ones are fine.

                    Its on brand new computers without any previous version that we are having problems with.
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                      I might be wrong here but I seem to recollect that this is an issue with Agent 4.0 and that it is addressed in one of the patches. Check the readme file. I think it is something to do with the coverage reports module which is part of the agent install.
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                        One other thing I would try is re-deploying the agent to the systems that you have the problem with. I think this should fix the issue