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    McAfee encryption products?

      Hi All

      We're looking into some form of Laptop hard drive encryption (isn't everyone!) and ideally we'd like if it was manageable via ePO.

      I see 2 products:

      McAfee Endpoint Encryption
      But under central management it doesn't mention anything about ePO

      McAfee Total Protection for Data
      This mentions ePO support but only as coming soon. Also, I'm not sure but this might be overkill for whar we need (ie. encryption for office laptop harddrives)

      Just wondering if anyone has any comments on either products or if you know of a better one (preferable McAfee)?

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          Hi Gerry,

          Basicly, McAfee Endpoint Protection is just Safeboot 5. They only swapped the name. As far as i know from Mcafee, ePO integration is a part of the roadmap for endpoint encryption. So I expect the next version of Endpoint Encryption to support ePO. I work with safeboot for a couple years now. It's a very good encryption product that you can manage from one point (safeboot admin console). The admin console works, in some ways, much like ePO. With a directory tree, policies and inheritence.

          Total protection for Data is a collection of multiple products that are focused on data protection (safeboot, data loss prevention for example) so if you're just looking for full disk encryption this product is indeed a bit of overkill.

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            Thanks for the info Robhat, do you know if there's any problem running the safeboot admin console on the same server as ePO?
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              Well, we don't have safeboot and ePO installated on the same server so I can't say for sure. Both tools are completely seperate products, both with their own database and directory structure and for as far as I have seen, they don't share any components. I guess the best thing to do is try it out in a test environment.

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                Hi Gerry,

                Just checked the documentation of safeboot 5.2. There is some ePO integration. But only deployment and reporting:

                Version 3.6.1 of ePolicy Orchestrator allows the administrator to deploy SafeBoot Content Encryption and Device Encryption. It also includes the ability to report the encryption status of machines that have SafeBoot installed.
                Warning: The ePolicy Orchestrator is not compatible with versions 4.x of SafeBoot.

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                  I've recently started evaluating SafeBoot Enterprise Suite 5.1.3 (build 5200) which I believe is the latest available having spoken to McAfee support on Monday. It includes Device Encryption, Content Encryption, Port Control and ePO integration. Although it was sold to us as a McAfee product, only the documentation mentions McAfee. I'm not sure how it correlates to the products on their website but I suspect that the basic Endpoint Encryption product is what you're after.

                  So far I've only really looked at the Device Encryption and ePO integration parts which I believe is what you're also most interested in. I have the SafeBoot Management Centre which includes the SafeBoot Administrator application and Object Database installed on the same Windows 2003 SP1 server as my pre-existing ePO 3.6.1 installation which is also used for VirusScan administration.

                  Apparently SafeBoot build 5200 is the only version that has the ability to integrate with ePO 3.6.1. I'm not sure if it supports ePO 4.0 but as we haven't upgraded to that yet it wasn't an issue for me. Robaht is correct in that ePO can currently only be used for deployment and reporting, the SafeBoot Administrator still needs to be used for setting up the users, policies, etc. and installation set creation.

                  I have successfully deployed the Device Encryption to a selection of Toshiba and Fujitsu Siemens laptops using ePO with good results, encrypting the entire C: partition on all of them. I've only had one fail so far which I have yet to resolve but I believe it's got something to do with the SATA RAID controller.

                  Hopefully my initial findings are of some help to you.
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                    Thanks for the replies and information folks, think we'll go with just the safeboot (endpoint) option for now.

                    Thats good news that the admin console can run on the same hardware as ePO, really didn't want to go searching for another server!

                    Thanks again
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                      Have you all been able to manage SafeBoot via EPO v4 it seems it can only be done in v3?
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                        ePO 4.0 support is currently only available in Safeboot 5.3 (build 5300) and this is only deployment and reporting
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                          I didn't know a newer version of SafeBoot was already released, thanks for the heads up!
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