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    Rogue System Detection 2.0 Does not install?

      Hey people,

      I've tried pushing the sensor on a test machine, I manually put it in my system tree and deployed an agent on the system.

      A problem however, is that the sitelist.xml on agent installation does not install, only the "old" version from the Antivirus appears in my antivirus folder, in the common framework folder no sitelist.xml is to be found.

      The sensor is a bigger problem however, the rogue sensor deployment was "scheduled", yet it never appeared "active".

      The log file says this:

      Planner 3/06/2009 13:04:46 Info Planner: Taak [Rogue Sensor Deployment] is voltooid
      Planner 3/06/2009 13:04:46 Info De taak Rogue Sensor Deployment is voltooid
      Updatefunctie 3/06/2009 13:04:46 Info De update is voltooid
      Updatefunctie 3/06/2009 13:04:45 Info De updateconfiguratie wordt geladen van: catalog.xml
      Updatefunctie 3/06/2009 13:04:45 Info catalog.z wordt uitgepakt.
      Updatefunctie 3/06/2009 13:04:45 Info catalog.z wordt geverifieerd.
      Updatefunctie 3/06/2009 13:04:45 Info Bezig met het initialiseren van de update...
      Updatefunctie 3/06/2009 13:04:45 Info Updatepakketten uit bibliotheek NAIHttp2X worden gecontroleerd.
      Subsysteem van de agent 3/06/2009 13:04:33 Info Opnieuw afdwingen van beleid over 60 minuten
      Subsysteem van de agent 3/06/2009 13:04:33 Info Agent heeft afdwingen van beleid voltooid
      Planner 3/06/2009 13:04:33 Info Planner: Taak [Rogue Sensor Deployment]wordt gestart...

      But that doesn't say or do much. I also found it hard to believe that a deployment would only take 0.10 seconds.

      Is there something wrong with my sitelist.xml file? Normal communication with the server is no problem.

      Any info would be appreciated.