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      Morning Chaps

      We are in the process to begin deployment of vse8.5i via ePO 4.0

      Certain sites will suffer from bandwidth utilisation therefore we would like to know if ePO automatically uses a level of bandwidth throttling?

      I can not find any white paper, forum posting or setting

      Thanks in advance

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          Don't think it's that clever - for most activities anyway ;)

          What you will need to do is manually calculate - based on the number of clients at each remote site - how long to randomise the Deployment Task interval over to ensure that it doesn't swamp your LAN/WAN.

          Of course I'd suggest that you get a distributed repository of some sort (Superagent is easiest) setup on each remote LAN segment to minimise WAN traffic.

          Don't forget that by far the biggest traffic volume during client AV upgrades is betwen the client and it's selected repository.

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            Thanks for your response Jim

            I've now setup additional repositories and randomisation to help with the bandwidth issue

            Paul wink