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    Error installing Epo Agent 4.0 on remote computers

      Hi, i have a network with 1 ePo Server and about 100 workstations, ePo Server is with Windows 2003 SP1 and workstations are with Windows XP SP2, i have installed ePo server Version 4.0.
      Previously i have ePo 3.6.1 and worstations with agent
      Now i have upgraded to Epo 4.0 and i am distributing agent
      The problem appears on some machines, when the user logon it apears a error message with the following text:

      “La función que está intentando usar está en un recurso de red que no está disponible. Haga clic en Aceptar para volver a intentarlo, o elija una ruta alternativa para la carpeta que contiene el paquete de instalación `MFEagent.msi´ en la caja siguiente”

      translated to english will be something like this:

      "the function you are trying to use is on a network share unavailable. hit clic on Acept to to retry, or choos an alternative folder path for the install package `MFEagent.msi´ on the next box"
      (sorry my english is not very good)

      The server with epo have the default operating system shares, ther is no share for ePo, i don´t know if ePo server needs a share resource to sucefully distribute agent and packages.

      i have tried the folowing http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?p=545418

      any ideas?

      Thanks a LOT!

      Aldo Lanfranconi.