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    Error Safeboot

      I'm having another problem, after a migration machine users can not download appears an error message "Error [e0050043]: Unable to open client data store attribute," Attached is the log of the machine.

      Another machine is showing the error below to synchronize, despite the error safeboot v5 is achieving receive updates from users.

      Error [e0130006]: Error opening file
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          I have a similar error with one laptop after we upgraded from v5.1.2 to v5.1.3. I also get Error [e00000001]: Insufficient memory. The client communicates with the server just find but it won't take any policy changes. Were you able to resolve this problem or not yet?
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            not yet
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              Was any of you able to resolve the issue with the insufficient memory error?

              I have found a fix: -

              To resolve this issue delete AuditLog.Dat
              Boot the client with a WinTech CD.
              Open WinTech, and authenticate with the daily access code.
              Navigate to SafeBoot and select Mount SBFS as Drive and mount it.
              Select A43 File manager.
              Browse to the SBFS's drive as mounted in an earlier step.
              Select the Audit folder.
              Move or Delete the file named AuditLog.Dat.
              Perform the syncronization.

              The problem we have is locating the location of the 'Audit' folder on the users laptop.

              Any idea's?
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                Hi, This error might because of low level of provelege you are login, So try to login with admin right and do manal synchronization with safeboot server.
                • 5. Insufficent memory


                  If you still facing this isuse: then do the following:
                  Boot the system with a WinTech CD
                  - Open WinTech, and authenticate with the daily accesscode
                  - Go to SafeBoot and select "Mount SBFS as Drive" and mount it
                  - After mounting it, go to the A43 File manager and browse to the SBFS's drive which you've just mounted
                  - Go into the Audit folder there and you will see a file called AuditLog.Dat
                  - Remove the file which is located in there.

                  And restart and check.

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                    We tried doing this but we could not locate the AUdit folder nor the AuditLog.Dat file.

                    Any ideas?
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                      just do a one time emergency boot. This will force the client to recreate its local databse
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                        Yeah we did the emergency boot & it worked on one of our laptops. On the other two we had with the similar issue, we had to edit one of the .ini files & remove an entry for sbfiles41.lst. We tried everything to avoid having to decrypt & remove SafeBoot & install again.
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                          I tried this and it didn't work. Found the audit folder and deleted the file, but continued getting the same error. Any other ideas? We can't do emergency boot because we are on the 5130 build of the client.

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