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    Inital VS install not picking up Exceptions Policy?

      Running ePo 4, McAfee Agent 4, and VS8.5iP8.

      On my ePo server I have created a VS Policy with exceptions for a few home-grown applications that are wrongly detected as Unwanted Programs.

      However, I notice that when I initially push VS out to a new system, sometimes my applications are still detected and deleted.

      The steps I follow are:

      - Push the McAfee Agent to a system.
      - Wait for the Agent to check into ePo, where it picks up an "Immediate Deployment" task to install VS.

      Could it be that when VS is first installed to a system that my Exceptions Policy is not immediately applied? I would think that the Agent should know about the Exceptions Policy even before it installs VS.

      Has anyone else seen this behavior?

      I guess one workaround would be to somehow install VS with all protection disabled until it checks in to the ePo server to pull down Policies. How would I do that?
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          Hi Scissor,

          VSE is getting installed with the default configuration, like you said, then the Exception Policies are deployed at the next scheduled deployment (as you defined them in ePO).

          To avoid the delay, you could pre-configure VSE by using McAfee Installation Designer (MID) and create an image of the fully configured VSE package with all of your default exclusions in this package. You would save it into an ePO deployable package, then set this package for installation instead of the base default installation you are currently using.

          This way, you get the preferred default configuration installed instead of the plain vanilla defaults from McAfee. Your Exception Policies would still be updated and deployed as needed, but by your defaults, you will be pre-configured with these exceptions.

          Use your grant number to download MID and then use a base machine to create the base package to the settings you need to have pre-configured. Once done, deploy this package instead.

          Hope this helps.
          Ron Metzger