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    Recover data from disks with RAW FS after decryption


      I'm seeking help here to find a solution to recover (at least) the data in 2 disks (1 SSD with 1 NTFS partition and and 1 SATA with 1 NTFS partition and 1 FAT32 partition) installed on a HP Zbook (with Win7 and legacy BIOS) laptop that after experiencing BSOD presented the 0xc000000f error. We've decrypted the 2 HDs with the McAfee Drive Encryption Tech using the autorization code provided by the Code Generator and the Token given user's password. After something like 6 hours it successfully completed decryption even if the disks appear still not accessible with the exception of a small 2GB FAT32 partition precendetly created by HP Bios update procedure. The McAfee support so far sent us only the links to the documentaion to build the EZPE, with no other instructions. Please help!