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    Deploy Task ... incomplete ?


      I have a few deploy tasks to deploy the different tools we're using here.
      One runs "at system startup" to deploy updates and upgrades.
      One is set to 'run immediately' to deploy new tools and updates right away once a day.

      I'm only looking at what I call active systems here, i.e. those that have been active in the past 10 days... It's obvious that if a person's on leave and the PC's shutdown it won't update.

      What I don't understand is that while most (+90%) of our systems are OK and up-to-date, some systems seem to refuse to update e.g. install the latest patch. On those systems, I can force updates through the Agent's Status Manager as often as I want and nothing will happen. It's as if those PCs had different client tasks from others in the same Group. They will take every new DAT, but somehow never install the patch even though it's specified in the client task.

      Does anyone have an idea (of what I'm missing there) ?