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    False Artemis!327B43E34370


      Hello everybody,


      I am the developer of EncryptPad project. About May 19 encryptpad.exe of version was flagged as Artemis. Here is the link Link removed until McAfee deems it safe


      The file is "encryptpad0_3_2_5_win32.zip" and encryptpad.exe is in the zip. VirusTotal report: Antivirus scan for 26af2bb32b44a87417603e1648b2250cf8dd176fc5ed6589b929f49f5e9ed3b2 at2017-05-24 03:27:18 UTC - VirusTot…


      I believe this is a false positive. Could you please investigate this issue?




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          Apologies, I think I asked my question inappropriately. I sent an email with the "False Artemis" as in the subject of this question. However, I didn't attach the encrypted zip file. Do I need to attach it or the 12 digit code is enough? What else would you recommend to do?

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            I sent the zipped exe file with "infected" password yesterday. In the submission instructions it says that I should receive an automated response almost immediately. However, I have waited for one day and there is no response. I checked the Spam as well. I am probably doing somethin wrong.

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              I will contact someone at McAfee Labs on your behalf. During the interim I am removing your link to the .exe, until McAfee deems it safe. I hope you understand.


              The Escalated Ticket number is as follows     Ticket #: AM000971 - Virus Total Hashes/Zipped exe

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                This file was marked clean back on the 31st.  Should be good to go.


                - David

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