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    Deployment "When idle" setting broken?

      I don't know if the "When idle" schedule setting is working for Client Tasks? At least on my test machine the task run immediately, even if the machine is currently in use?

      Running ePol 4 patch 4.

      Client (actually a VMWare Guest):
      - WinXP SP3
      - McAfee Agent 4.0 (

      I have created a Client Task targetted at the Client:
      - Type: Product Deployment (McAfee Agent)
      - Product: VirusScan Enterprise
      - Schedule Type: "When idle"; When system has been idle for 10 minutes.

      I find that if I trigger a "Wake Up Agent" call, then Agent on the on my client immediately runs the task. I thought it would wait until no keyboard or mouse activity had been detected for 10 minutes?

      Is anyone else seeing this behavior?
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          Found my answer. According to the below article, this feature has never worked on WinXP systems!



          This issue has been reported on:
          Microsoft Windows XP
          Microsoft Windows XP SP1 or later
          Microsoft Windows 2003
          Microsoft Windows 2003 SP1 or later

          This issue does not occur on earlier Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.


          Microsoft has changed the security model with recent service packs for Windows. Because of these changes, the task type Run when idle encounters issues.

          McAfee has determined that the Run when Idle task feature cannot be made to work with newer Microsoft Service Packs. This feature cannot be fixed. This feature will be removed from future versions of McAfee point products.