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    query for extradat in EPO 4.0

      Good morning

      in my large organization, we are to migrating from epo 3.6.1 to epo 4.0.
      We often deploy new specific extradat (for VirusScan enterprise 8.5i) , so after the startup of the update task, we have to know how many computers have the last extradat.
      In epo 3.6.1 If I can't find a predefined query about a specific object, I am to able to define a new query in a query template, using sql statement.
      In epo 4.0 I can't do it, because the system can import external query only based on xml format (!).
      In the the query builder of epo 4.0 I cannot interrogate, in the virusscan entrprise the column extraDATnames.

      Gently does someone to know a xml query for an extradat deployment ?

      Best regard