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    DLPe 10 and compatibility with mail clients




      I´m working in a demo for DLPe 10 for a costumer, and almost all of their clients use Windows Live Mail, and others use Mozilla Thunderbird.

      I´ve been testing an Email Protection Rule, but i couldn´t manage to make it work. Are those mail clients supported? Are they supported with an earlier version? Or there is a workaround to get logs for data sent by these clients?


      Thank you.

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          Thunderbird is not currently supported using Email Protection Rules but you could use an Application File Access Protection to say if process <whatever the thunderbird EXE is> accesses a file with XYZ tag or FileType of Microsoft Office (for example) then do <some reaction> - not tested it myself. This is a clunky way of doing it but until Thunderbird and other email clients are directly supported in the Email Protection Rule this will have to do.


          Windows Live Mail could be captured using a Web Post Protection Rule (again I've not tested myself).


          So some experimentation to do.