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    Can't generate DLP uninstall code after ePO upgrade to 5.1.3


      Hi guys,


      Yesterday I performed an upgrade to my ePO server from 4.6.9to 5.1.3. Everything ran smooth and now i was trying to check that everything is working fine, i realized that DLP overrride keys won't work.


      I go to the Help Desk page on ePO concole and select "uninstall" key, as usual, then enter the user identification code (copied from the PC where i want to remove DLP),  and when i click on "Generate key" i get "Failed to generate the selected key"


      I have tried by reinstalling the help desk extension, also removing the latest one and installing the previous one, i checked that the DLP WCF Service is up and runnng on the server...


      Any hint?