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    Having difficulties deploying VSE 8.7i via ePO 4.0

      Hi all, I'm trying to deploy VSE 8.7 to a test system via ePO, but I can't seem to be able to do it.

      The test system has successfully received the McAfee Agent and now appears in my ePO database.

      However, when i try use Client Task Builder to deploy VSE, the weird thing is that VSE 8.7i is not listed under the dropdown list of my Products and Components! See screen capture for more info :


      I used the Help Portal and the info I found is this :
      "Next to Products to deploy, select the desired product from the first drop-down list.

      The products listed are those for which you have already checked in a package file to the master repository. If you do not see the product you want to deploy listed here, you must first check in that product’s package file."

      So what does it mean when it says to check my package file?

      Things I have done so far:
      Installed VSE 8.7 and Enterprise Reports inside Extensions - Under Managed Products, VSE 8.7 is listed as installed.

      I can verify that I have downloaded VSE 8.7.0 Language pack and its listed as a package in my Master Repository.

      Hope someone can help enlighten me on how to deploy my software. Thanks!
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