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    Install RSD Sensor manually?

      OK, since I've pretty much given up on McAfee Tech Support being able to fix my problem of Sensors not getting installed on the selected clients when I use either the More Actions/Rogue Sensor Install function, or the Client Task function...

      I'm wondering if there is ANOTHER way to install the Sensor that isn't in the docs (people here seem to have lots of "non-documented" fixes for things...)

      I'm still responsible for getting RSD installed & functioning, and I'd rather not have to install ePO completely again from scratch.
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          please verify if you have:
          windows installer running and version 3.1 on client
          communication available between rogue system sensor and ePO port that listen for it (8444 standard)

          what versions you running there?
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            Do you mean I need to have Windows Installer service running on the server, on the client, or on both? I didn't see anything about that in either the 4.02 Product Guide or the RSD Release Notes...

            ePO 4.0.0, build 1221
            Agent 3.6.0
            VirusScan 8.50i

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              If you don't mind spending the time elaborating, what happens when you try to push the install? Do you have any log info showing what is not working properly?
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                No, I don't mind...
                I've tried installing both ways.

                If I put the client into a group that has the deployment task assigned to it, everything seems to be fine (I get no errors), but the Sensor never shows up, meaning I don't see any Rogue Sensor in the Services, and no RSSensor in the Processes.

                If I select a client, and then More Actions, then Rogue Sensor install, I get no error message and I do get the window that says "Rogue Sensor Install deployment task created"; but again nothing shows up in the Services or in the Processes.

                In the Detected Systems window, it shows 75 uncovered subnets & 0 covered, and No Sensors Available under Sensor Status.

                There is no log file showing anything. The server task log doesn't show anything relating to this, nor does the server's event log. The McAfee tech had me run the MER tool and send them the log file, and they also wanted the Rssensor_out.log, but of course, since the program is never installed, there is NO Rssensor_out.log. I've not heard back from then since sending the MER file last week, other than to ask me if anything has changed.