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    How to tell which computers are still updating from old ePO server?

      OK, i have an odd situation, so let me explain. I just loaded a new ePO 4 server to replace my old, still running ePO 3.6 server. There were only a dozen or so workstations that actually had the Agent pointing to the 3.6 server so that wasn't a big deal. My only problem is that all my workstations, even the ones without an agent, were setup to look at my old server for dat updates. So i guess i have 2 questions:

      1) when I pushed the new Agent from my 4.0 server, which computers it actually installed on, they should be getting the updates from my new server, correct?

      2) is there a way to tell on my old 3.6 server, what computers are still downloading the daily dat files from it? I have a lot of computers with no agent still in my new 4.0 server because of an AD sync (I think a lot of the computer accounts are for non-existing computers)
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          Not such an odd scenario since I have the exact same situation. Legacy 3.6, progressive deployment to new 4.0 and dealing with obsolete AD objects.

          I'd say the best approach, if at all possible is to clean up AD first. Any system pulled out of AD will disapear from ePO 4.0 during replication thus keeping your new ePO clean also. In my environement, I temporarily assume that anything not yet covered by 4.0 is either inactive or in 3.6. In 3.6, you can always create a report to show which systems connected recently and correlate that with unmanaged systems imported in your 4.0 then go after those by deploying the new 4.0 agent.

          The challenge is in dealing with systems that are remote and only connect into your network through VPN like once a week or so... if you have any (I do).

          Keeping ePo 3.6 clean of obsoletes and duplicate was a nightmare. This is much easier in 4.0. That's why we chose that switch over path instead of inplace upgrade.

          And to answer your 1st question, yes. If you push the 4.0 agent, the systems will then get their policies and updates from that new ePO.
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            yeah, sounds like i'm in the same boat as you. I decided it best to start over with 4.0 on a different server also. I have like 150some workstations i can't push the Agent to because they aren't connected to the local network. I know some of those are laptops, which a good portion of those rarely VPN in. I think a bunch are just from AD accounts that should have been deleted long ago but never would. It'll just be something to battle through. thanks for the input.