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    EPO 4, How to config. system to find new PCs


      I have just finished upgrading from PP1.5 to EPO 4.
      Have been using PP for many years.

      I need to find out how to config this system to look for new machines that join the domain.

      This is something that happens often as machines are replaced. Usually, I replace 1-3 machines a week out of about 400 total.

      I am noticing that a day or so after I have bring the new PC online, I will do a manual 'Update Now' and the system will go out to McAfee's HTTP site to update the Dats instead of the EPO server. This tells me it has not communicated with the EPO server and does not have an agent installed, etc.

      WIth the PP server, this was done automatically. At least, that is how I remember it. It may be something I config'ed back in the day.

      In any case, is there an easy way to make this happen, some way to config the EPO server to go out and look for new machines each day, then add them to the correct group, or even just add them to the 'Lost & Found' would be fine with me so long as they are protected and connected.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Laszlo G
          You have to sync a new group with your NT Domain.

          First of all create a new group in your system tree.
          Once created, select your group and click on the group tab on the right.
          You can edit your group sync using the NT domain option and with the default options it will only look for new computers that aren't already in your system tree