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    Daily Pull Task Issues on Master Repository Server

      What seems to be happening on a regular basis now, is that our primary ePO server fails the "Master Repository - Daily Pull" task when pulling from McAfeeHttp. The EpoApSvr.log file shows a recent error message as such:


      SiteMgr CheckInMirrorPackage: Verify file delta.ini size and hash failed, hr=-112

      The fix that's been described in a few areas here have been to delete the DAT package on the primary ePO server, and then to run that Daily Pull task to download the package. I chose to change the download setting from McAfeeHttp to McAfeeFtp, and that seems to have worked as I now have the most current DAT file on my ePO server. The downside to this is that the Ftp site takes anywhere between 20-30 minutes to download my chosen packages (DAT, ExtraDAT, SuperDAT, Engine, VSE Patches), whereas using the Http site normally takes 5-10 minutes.

      So my questions are this:

      1) Is anyone else experiencing failing Pull tasks on what seems to be a regular basis?
      2) Why does the Ftp site take so much longer to complete versus the Http one?

      Thanks for listening to my rant, but I for one am getting sick of this Pull task failing so regularly.