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    Second ePO Server

      Hi everyone,

      We are running one single ePO Server with no problem. our friends in the other network installed their own ePO and we managed to configure the router between the two networks.

      My problem that we need to have the new ePO updated by our ePO Using local HTTP or FTP .

      I have removed all MacAfee internet link from the source site and added our own ePO HTTP path but Unfortunately I am getting this error (Site catalog not found) when I tried to pull the package.
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          Anybody has a solution.pelase I am stuck in the middle.
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            its a while since I have done this, but as I remember, if you as using ePO 4, you need to export the server key from one epo server to the other(configuration, server settings, security keys). Then I think I shared ths \software directory on the hosting epo server, then told the second epo server that this \software share was its source. This is a UNC source though, not sure what you would have to do for HTTP, guess setup ISS and point root at the \software directory ?