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    Epolicy and clients with changing IP addresses

      Just want to know if I'm the only one with this issue or not. I have many WinXP clients that constantly change thier IP addresses and when I try to send out an agent wakeup call to them in Epolicy 4 with SP4, because the ip addresses of the clients are now different than they were the first time they connected to the epolicy server, the status is read as completed, even though in fact, the epo server is now getting a response from a completely different machine than the one it thinks it's talking to. This throws everything off. I thought there was a document regarding dealing with this unique situation but now I can't find it. Anyone else have this same issue?

      It's complicated a little because if you ping the machine name of the client, it will respond with 1 address, but then when you ping with a -a option, you find that the machine listed is now different (dns scavenging not up to date perhaps).
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          I have lots of laptops that are connected both via wired and wifi. So I often have a similar problem where a laptop will roam around the building and pick up different IP addresses, making it difficult to find them using the last known IP address.

          I don't think there is a real "fix" for that. At least the Agents installed on the laptops will check in with the Server every 60 minutes (by default) to look for new policies. If that's not fast enough you might consider lowering the Agent->Server communication interval, but you need to make sure that your ePo server is beefy enough to handle the additional traffic.
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            I don't think you shoudl be seeing this problem :confused: - our sites use DHCP to allocate IP adresses and hence a clinet IP address may change periodicaly.

            My understanding was that ePO tried first of all to resolve the clinet machine name usning DNS/WINS before resorting to trying via the last ised IP address...... so are client IP addresses actually resolving from machine names correctly from the ePO server ? - if not check your Proxy Sever settings in ePO to make sure that all local LAN FQDNN Paths are excluded.