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    Upgrading 8.0i to 8.5i


      I've scanned all the kbase articles and previous posts however unable to find the answer, maybe someone could help

      we are currently looking to migrate all our clients from epo3.6 onto a new epo4.0 server. We are successfully deploying the new agent and the machines are checking into epo4.0 without a problem.

      All our clients are running vse8.0 patch 11 and therefore looking to use epo to deploy 8.5i


      vse8.5i is approx 62MB, after installation, the client performs an update which is 5 days out of date therefore downloads a 60MB DAT***.zip

      Is there a way to replace an existing DAT within the msi with an up to date one?
      This is putting a massive load on our network and causing performance issues at our slow sites. :mad:

      Thanks in advance