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    Evaluation Branch & Super Agents

      Hello all ePO fans ! :)

      When a package is moved or copied from a branch to another one, is this operation done exclusively on the ePO server or on the Super Agents ?

      I asked myself this question because I would like to know if this scenario is possible or not :

      - at 5am, download the DAT from McAfee, to the EVALUATE branch
      - from 6am to 7am, replicate to the repositories (EVALUATE+CURRENT)
      - at 8am, test the new DAT with my workstation using the evaluate branch
      - at 9am, if this is OK, use the move link to move the DAT from EVALUATE to CURRENT
      - at 10am, let the servers & workstation get their updates with no replication (from the local CURRENT folder)

      at the last step, is it mandatory to make a new replication to the Super Agents or are they aware that they can just update localy (with no network trafic) :confused:

      Thank you for your help !
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          I'm probably missing somethjing in understanding your process but the only way I see your process working is iff your final step is to change the agent policies to use the evaluation branch - otherwise I think you must replicate the master back to the distributed repositories..... :confused: