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    Unable to login to console after transfer of SQL on diferrent host...

      Hello Everyone,
      this is my first post so forgive any stupid questions I may ask. Recently I was appointed ePO Admin in the company I work (my main duty is Lotus Domino Admin).
      We currently have McAfee ePO 3.6.1 patch 2.
      Anyway what I found out was that the DB Admins decided to move the ePO Database to another Host without consulting with anyone... They changed host AND moved to SQL2005from SQL2000... The Database is running now on SQL2005 with SQL2000 compatibility mode... They also changed the databases logon method from SQL to Windows NT Authentication... I could kill them all... Luckily ePO services were down at the time so I thought "OK, I'll run CfgNaiMs.exe Change whatever needs changing and restart the services". Unfortunately this doesn't work... The Services start ok but I am unable to logon to the console. After examining all the logs I could find the only thing i saw wrong was in the server.log:

      20090513121747 I #3236 EPOServer Initializing DAL Connection Pool...
      20090513121747 I #3236 EPOServer DAL Connection Pool Initialized.
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL CConxIndex::Execute: Error 0x80040E09
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL Description: The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'ServerInfo', database 'ePO_GR0099990418', schema 'dbo'.
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL CommandString: SELECT * FROM ServerInfo
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL COM Error :80040e09 DAL2_CServerInfo::FindServerInfo
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL Meaning = IDispatch error #3081
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL Source = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL Description = The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'ServerInfo', database 'ePO_GR0099990418', schema 'dbo'.
      20090513121747 E #3236 DAL SELECT * FROM ServerInfo
      20090513121747 E #3236 ServLite FindServerInfo error -15
      20090513121747 E #3236 EPOServer Initialize Licensing Failed.
      20090513121747 E #3236 mod_epo Failed to start naimserv module
      20090513121747 E #3236 mod_epo Initialize epo handler failed

      This is repeating over and over again... Can Anyone HELP