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    VirusScan 8.5i to 8.7i upgrade


      I'd like to upgrade 8,500+ PCs from VirusScan 8.5i to VirusScan 8.7i and push it out via our ePO4 server. I was going to do it in this order:

      On ePO4 server:

      · back up 'd:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator' folder and SQL database
      · check in VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i package 'VSE870LML.zip'
      · check in VirusScan extension 'VIRUSSCAN8700.zip'
      · check in reporting extension 'VIRUSSCANREPORTS.zip'
      · run ePO Policy Migration tool 'epopolicymigration.exe'

      I have a couple of questions to ask if I may?

      1) Are the above steps in the correct order?

      2) I have the following tasks at the 'My Organization' level (and enabled/disabled in the System Tree groups where applicable):

      · Deploy VSE 8.5
      · Deploy VSE 8.5 immediately
      · Remove VSE 8.5

      As well as upgrading the 8.5i policies, would the migration tool update these?

      3) I've see a few posts where it is advised to remove VSE 8.5i before 8.7i is installed. Is this good practice? If so, what tasks would I have to create in ePO4? Would I have to create a 'Remove VSE 8.5 immediately' and have this run before a 'Deploy VSE 8.7'? When creating a new task, the Configuration page only offers 'Install' and 'Remove' options for products and components. Could I use a command line parameter? What would this be? There is absolutely no documentation on this whatsoever.

      4) When the new VirusScan 8.7i package has checked in, on the 'Software' tab in ePO, does a new 'VirusScan Enterprise, Install, 8.7.0, 141, Current' get created, or does the existing 'VirusScan Enterprise, Install, 8.5.0, 781, Current' get moved to 'Previous'? If 'Previous', would I still be able to deploy VSE 8.5?

      Sorry about all the questions, but I want to get it right first time.

      Thanks in advance,


      ePO4 patch 2
      ePO agent patch 4
      VirusScan patch 6
      Engine 5301.4018
      DAT 5613
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          Rob good post.. I have some similar questions and opened a ticket through my support. I will let you know if I hear back. I think the other question that might be a good one to ask is if existing policies and tasks are wiped.

          IE) When you check in the 8.7 extensions and run the migration tool does it set everything to install 8.7 rather than 8.5 in your client tasks (I think you sort of asked this when you mentioned the current vs. previous branch).

          Are you planning on running both versions for a while or doing a big bang migration? I am hoping I can just migrate the policies and when I want to deploy 8.7 just update the client tasks.

          I'll let you know as soon as I hear from mysupport/sorry for thread jacking.
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            Hey don't worry. I'm just glad to hear I'm not alone.

            I know you have to run the policy migration tool but the documentation isn't clear on what exactly it does. If it was possible to export the Client Tasks, it would be ideal...

            If you're running the tool, I believe it migrates policies and tasks together. Like you, I'm really hoping it will migrate policies instead of replacing all my tinkered 8.5 ones with 8.7. I'm sure McAfee would have thought about this but I'm still a bit nervous.

            I've planned to deploy 8.7 on a geographic basis so want to do a building at a time (ie subnet by subnet). So while new PCs come in they may still get 8.5 until everywhere has been done.

            I'm planning on disabling the 'Deploy VSE 8.7' task at the 'My Organization' level and enabling it (by breaking the inheritance) where I want to roll 8.7 to, but I don't what I'll get until after running the migration tool. Then, when everywhere is done, I'll tidy it up (the 'Reset Inheritance' is a useful feature here).

            But thanks for keeping me up-to-date on your support question. I appreciate it.
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              sounds like we are in the same boat except I am looking to do departments rather than geographic location. I am managing about 10000 devices in diffrent geographic areas so big bang is not ideal over slow links, etc.

              I noticed though that on McAfee's GSL you can test a 8.5 to 8.7 scenerio however I am not able to get it to work I'm not sure if it's my connection here or what.

              still waiting on support....

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                Heres one of the questions I posed through the correct channel (had to wait over a day for an awnser):
                Hello, I am looking for more information about importing our 8.5 policies to 8.7. Could you please provide more information on how it will impact the current environment. We are not looking to do a complete migration, however we are looking at getting the 8.5 policies migrated to do testing, etc. We currently have the 8.7 VSE checked into the evaluation branch and the 8.7 extension installed in the EPO console. I was reading about the tool below and it sounds like it takes the place of the 8.5 policy which I would not like to do. Also I dont want client tasks IE VSE deployment task to change to 8.7 as we have about 10,000 devices. ePOPolicyMigration.exe

                Thanks, Eric

                got an awnser from support:

                Dear Mr. Eric,

                Thank you for contacting McAfee Gold Support This is . and I have taken ownership of this case.

                Referring to the description we understand that you want to migrate VSE 8.5i policies to 8.7i.

                Please refer to below mentioned KB articles from https://kc.mcafee.com

                1. How to mirate VSE 8.5i policies to 8.7i: KB53909 2. If migration fails to run successfully: KB59992

                Please let us know if you have any other queries.

                Please select "Reply to All" when replying to this email without changing the subject line

                Thanks & regards,
                Tier 1 Tech Support Engineer
                McAfee Inc.

                I really am dissapointed with that awnser, and I pulled the reps name out to try and be fair. I'll update as soon as I hear back with a better awnser but I am also going to try testing on my own.
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                  I wanted to do the same thing so i tested 20 machines that had 8.5 installed .I setup the policy to install 8.7 immediately when i checked the logs they all had failed , i then set the policy to unistall 8.5 & another to install 8.7 and that worked.Also i just checked in the 8.7 package instead of migrating so i would have both 8.5 & 8.7 on the EPO server.I hope this helps
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                    Hi Eric. Thanks for updating the post.

                    Yeah I agree with you there- I wouldn't have been too happy with that answer either. A simple 2 minute search I did a few days ago brought up the same KB articles. It's nice to know all that money spent on Gold Support is worth it!

                    Unfortunately I cannot perform tests, so it looks as though I'm going to have to take a 'belt & braces' approach and back up everything before I start.

                    TDSCM thanks for your input too.