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    Unable to find a valid repository

      I know there are loads of posts on here on this topic but I just cant get some of my machines (primarily servers) to update. I have tried:

      - forceuninstall of all macafee products, removed reg keys, reinstalled - same error
      - copied sitelist.xml from working machine - same error
      - tried distributed repository, master repository, superagent repository - same error
      - reverted back to Agent 4.0 Patch 1 - same error

      Update will run from McAfeeHTTP but this is obviously useless if I need to deploy new/updated software.

      Any ideas? We have had so many problems since deploying Agent 4.0 Patch 2. Supposedly the problems will be fixed with Patch 3 - due out late August!!! What use is that in the meantime???
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          Have you tried opening up the agent monitor on the client, then doing an agent wakeup call to that machine and see if the client picks it up ? also do it the other way round, do a collect/send props from the client and see if it can contact ?
          If they cant then it could be something like a firewall in between, or firewall on the clients ?
          If you look in the agent logs, are the clients looking for the correct ePO server ?